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Our COVID Message


Our COVID Message

Rest assured that Cerulean Bed and Breakfast takes your safety and comfort very seriously. Our high standards in cleaning protocols continue to exceed CDC recommended Covid precautions. From daily cleansing of surfaces to UV protected air quality, we strive to make your stay carefree and relaxing. Our sanitizing measures include, but are not limited to:


*Indoor surfaces, light and lamp switches, fan pulls, curtain rod handles, door knobs/locks, drawer knobs/handles, staircase rails, armrests, tables, coffee makers, condiment holders, microwave and bathroom fixtures are sanitized daily with anti-viral and anti-microbial silver embedded cleaning cloths.

*Air quality of Geothermal Air Condition and Heat System is protected by anti-viral, anti-bacterial UV light treatment.


*Breakfast dining table, fresh clean linens, napkins, placemats, salt and pepper shakers, sugar and cream dispensers, utensils, stoneware and dining chairs are sanitized between guests.


*Silverware is protected and wrapped with clean linen napkins.

*All cookware, silverware and stoneware are prewashed, then processed through a heavy duty wash cycle complete with bleach and a sanitizing high temperature heat dry.

*All cooking surfaces are cleansed before food preparation. Food prep is conducted by clean, gloved hands. All fruit is washed with soap and is ready to eat. Danish, muffins, scones, breakfast breads and afternoon refreshments located on the Danish bar are individually wrapped for your protection.

*Coffee/Tea makers filters are maintained as recommended by manufacturer instructions and fresh, clean water provided daily. Coffee/Tea makers and water dispensers are sanitized frequently throughout the day.

*Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the premises.

*Masks must be worn by all personnel and guests in common areas unless seated in accordance with Kentucky State Mandates.


In efforts to keep everyone healthy, we please ask that anyone feeling general malaise, coughing, sneezing or experiencing any Covid-related symptoms to please reschedule their visit.

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